Review: A Death for Every Sin

Review A Death for Every Sin In A Time When Hope Is Lost

A Death for Every Sin
“In A Time Where Hope Is Lost””

Not since the almighty Hatebreed have I heard such a perfect combination of metal and hardcore. Love it. Crunch crunch crunch. Riff riff riff. Pit pit pit. Meaty meaty meaty. Break it down, build it up, watch it swirl. Super slow Sabbathy sludge that takes off into blast beats of punk speeds—always very chunky metal, hard and aggressive. It likes to use that low e-string as its bitch and ride it rhythmically. It’s Hatebreed, but not. A little more gruff on the vocals, but with the same barking tempo as Hatebreed. Why do I keep saying Hatebreed? ‘Cause I like Hatebreed and now I will mention A Death For Every Sin every time someone drops Hatebreed. Yeah, they are that damn good. What? You haven’t heard Hatebreed? Awww shit. Get out of here and do your metal homework before you read my reviews.