Review: Strychnine

“Born Too Loose”
(Industrial Strength Records)

Fast, up tempo, alcohol driven, and decidedly non-straight edge punk rock: that’s “Born Too Loose” by Strychnine. Maybe “Rock Punk” would be a more appropriate label for the band since you’re as likely to find the guys listening to classic punk records by Minor Threat and Poison Idea as you will early Kiss or even Led Zeppelin in their leisure time.

Strong riffing drives the songs along and things are kept interesting by the work of the well trained rhythm section with the drummer formerly of Econo-christ and a bass player formerly of Naked Aggression.  The vocals are gruff and delivered with conviction.  Like the album cover suggests, they are from the East Bay and even had their album mastered by Dead Kennedy’s guitar legend East Bay ray.  I recommend this for anyone who wants their punk on the non-political side of the fence, a little loose, and a lot of fun.

Review: Strychnine - Born Too Loose