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SEN DOG – interview by kevin farr


Do you remember when a group of homies from Cali professed, ” I want to get high, so high!” They made you feel comfort in the notion “Insane in the membrane.” They were the Cypress’s on the Hill that saw nothing but Black Sundays and indulged in Raiding the Tomb. A decade later lyricists Sen Dog of much acclaimed Cypress Hill was to be at the lowest of locations, the beautiful disgusting, seductively sleazy, too rich for my pockets, Hollywood.

Hollywood, the home of wealthy junkies, beautiful groupies and an SRH show filled with ladies, women and girls too young to be in a Hollywood club. This story was to be a highlight in my not so illustrious journalism career. His side project SX-10 took to the stage at the Key Club in a retarded fury; I had waited my entire short-lived life to catch a glimpse at an emcee once viewed as pivotal to the hip hop community. Although vacant crews such as Linkin Park (or even 311 and Rage years ago) reached the pinnacle in this genre, I felt Sen would thoroughly represent.

Regardless of socially conscious lyrical content penned out for SX-10 songs, it appears they’re nothing more then entertainers. Sen’s stage presence was impressive and came served with sour attitude and misogynistic comments, all encased in an atmosphere of energy. I thought his intentions were good until he spit some vial shit about having the cops called ‘cause you’re about to strangle your wife.

Mildly impressed by the blonde he pulled on stage, I begin to lighten up by lighting up and yeah, security took that away from me. Following the untimely removal of a most pleasant mental stimulant, Sen hit the dance floor like fat man into a pool. People were spreading out towards the perimeter in one fluid like motion. After my dousing of human flesh and sweat, emcee Yellow hit the stage with Sen in an attempt to motivate the plastically bonded drones who felt restricted by their pricey polyester pants. Of course, Yellow failed to see that people don’t dance in Hollywood anymore cause they don’t want you to look at them for any other reason but to compliment their style. Well, wait…there was an elegant young lady who entered the small fragile pit in a bikini.

As the show culminated I felt a sense of longing, longing to hear Cypress so I bounced over to SX-10s’ bus to politic with Sen, and maybe even share an herb session. After all, it WAS Sen from Cypress Hill. Then all of sudden…

My initial line of questioning apparently aggravated the 6ft, 200lbs MC. But fuck it… I was striving for honest answers to pertinent questions. I wanted to see if he delivered straight from the heart or was he just another wash out emcee looking utilize lucrative rap rocks left overs.

So, because of that or otherwise, my smoke session expectations were ripped away from me while poking the frontal lobe of Sen. Bowls were loaded and passed, but alwasy skipping me. After I wasn’t offered, I realized I had over stepped my boundaries. Immediately I vacated the vicinity via the nearest exit.

My desire to utilize an all access passes became futile. I couldn’t drink, drug or love it up Hollywood style. With all hopes of taking hits from the bong with Sen brutally stripped from my brain, I started back south. The keys slid into the ignition, the blunt was laid on my lips and the lighter illuminated the whole experience. Perhaps some fragmented quotes from the interview as final thoughts.
(wonder if I’ll be held accountable for this…)

“…as long as you keep the unit together, the sky is the limit…”

“…me and Mellow used to sing along to the Beach Boy records…”

“…the next practice Jeremy shows up right off the freeway from Indiana with shit still in the back of his truck like yo, eh, I’m in the band.”

“…We still get off on writing songs together.”

” No, fuck no, you gotta five million dollar record deal for me give it to me I’ll take it.”

“..classically? ah… yea…I was trained, a long fuckin time ago.”

“I think Eminem is the hardcorest motherfucker out there right now.”

“Even the white kids were down with it, and when you come from the heart like that and be honest nobody gives a shit what your saying nobody gives a shit what.”