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SHUV – interview by gordon downs

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There just isn’t is much for teens to do during their formative years in Austin, Texas. Smoke weed, drink beer, hang out with your friends – and of course the yearly badgering of the hordes of visitors at the annual South By Southwest Music Festival.

And though despite being a native of the desolate city of Austin, Robert “Shuv” Madden, seems poised to break into the higher rankings of pro skateing with his no-holds-barred attack on street skating at the ripe age of twenty-five.

While enjoying some frosty Goldstars’ at his friend’s backyard barbeque, I had a chance to catch up with “Shuv” to see how things are shaping up for his future in the realm of professional skateboarding. . . . and we also talked about handing out beat-downs on punk-ass bitches that like to write over people’s shit!

First off, give props to your sponsors.
Elysium Skateboards, Union Skate Shop here in Austin sponsors me, and a hardware company called Foundary International Hardware whatever? I’ve been riding for Elysium for about six months now.

Have you been in many comps?
Yeah, that’s what I gotta do now, since like, I’m riding for Elysium now. So yeah I’ve been going to a lot of competitions and stuff. I’ve only been in like five [comps] since I’ve been riding for Elysium, ya know?

Are you placing, or…
Yeah I’ve placed! I won first before, and placed second in this other one.
I’ve been placing though.

Every break any bones while skating or some whacky shit like that?
I’ve been skating for I guess, like about, (pauses) eight or nine years. So naw, luckily I haven’t man.

Man, I hope I didn’t just jinx your ass! So what’s up? Do ya get a lot of bitches from this skating gig?
Naw man! I’m a single guy, trying to get me some bitches. I’m “free” ya know what I mean! And I’m looking for girlies ya know? Whoever wants to come and try to – ya know?

Do see a lot of groupie action at the different demos and shit you’ve been to?
Sometimes man, but usually like; there ain’t really that many girls that like to “kick it.” Know what I’m saying?

Hey now!
Yeah they’re kinda weird like; we got a couple of homegirls, but I mean like, usually like at spots or whatever, there’s not that many girls out at all.

And the chicks that are there, you probably wouldn’t…
Umm? Some of em’ yeah! I probably would!

God bless those slump-busters. So what kinda shit are ya pumping into your ears these days?
Music, I like all types of music, but preferably some hip-hop. I like a lot of local hip-hop, like this one crew from here in town called Fools Incorporated. They’re pretty much like the only local people I listen to pretty much.

You ever been busted by the fuzz before?
Yeah, back in the day.

For what?
For graffiti, and just beating up fools and stuff

When’s the last time to you had to hand out some beat-downs?
Aww dude, it was just recently man! About two weeks ago I had to beat down like, two dudes. I was chillin’ at a girls’ house or whatever. She had a little barbecue, and I was chillin’ with my friends and like, we started tagging on a table or whatever. And some other fools that we didn’t know started writing on our stuff! Like over it! I was kinda faded or whatever, so I started talking to em’ like telling them what the hell was up? And they didn’t wanna do nothing with that, and then some other people started talking shit to us as we were leaving. And we just got into it, man they got worked! It was probably like two weeks ago? Yeah, that was last time.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask you this, but where’s all the bitches at this barbcue!?!
There ain’t no bitches man! It sucks! That’s ONE thing we’re missing over here!