Review: Slug & Murs

Slug & Murs
“Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet”

Slug of Atmosphere and Murs of L”iving Legends come together once again and offer up a funkadelic tribute to former Cosby co star Lisa Bonet (Angel Heart, High Fidelity), who was once in the spotlight for her marriage to pop nobody Lenny Kravitz. The album sounds like it could have been a tribute to Pam Grier or even Black exploitation films of the 70’s with it’s soulful blend. Slug throws around tons of metaphors that sometimes hit and sometimes miss, and Murs relies on his humorous punch lines to carry the rest of the weight. The two throw out plenty of disses on pretentious industry types, including a subtle mock of 50 cent, but the main topics are alcohol, females and getting some, and it’s all done in that satirical fashion that they have become known for. Nothing throws this release over the top and both artists could have come a lot better with some of the hooks to throw over Ant’s playful production. Murs delivers his cleanest lyrics on the first verse of “Marvin Gaye” and a few others that stand out on their own are “Early Mornin Tony” and “Woman Tonight”. Neither emcee are at their absolute best but the few shining moments are worth it. If Lisa Bonet were to get a hold of a copy she would probably enjoy and then wonder who are these guys?