Modern Fix

SUPERSUCKERS – by Michael Moratis


Getting stuck on the rain soaked 405 was well worth the aggravation. Nothing was going to deter my mission of catching The Supersuckers at the Troubadour this night.

The opening band was Cisco. If you weren’t paying attention you might have missed them start the set. No hootin’ or hollering when they came on. The drummer and steel guitarist where some old guys who have seen plenty of road touring. Although their sound of countrified blues was not my bag, I couldn’t help but listen since the bluesy vibe was very tight.

The Street Walkin’ Cheetahs kicked ass onto the stage with a genuine attitude that was well appreciated. The lead man Frank Meyer captured the crowd’s attention with such a strong intensity. His inability to stay in one place while keeping the tune strong was highly impressive. The straight-laced Rock and Roll was great to listen to. They closed the set with “Built for Speed”, which is 10-minute riff that explores all the avenues of their talent.

The Rockabilly powerhouse Amazing Crowns roared onto the stage next. I was wondering if they could build on the intensity left by the last band. With JD ripping in to the guitar it was no doubt they came to rock the house. King Kendall was great on vocals and they were awesome. Their was no doubt the Crowns came to rock. Now the crowns really got the crowd rocking and kept the enthusiasm high until the last song of the set.

Now the reason I came was about to show itself. I quickly grabed the camera to catch the first glimpse of them. Eddie Spaghetti of The Supersuckers casually walked onto the stage and waved to the crowd. They immediately started into the last half of The Evil Powers of Rock ‘N’ Roll slowly getting the crowds attention. Now that everyone was glued to the stage they ripped into the first half of the song and announced their presence as they started to kick ass. Eddie was all class and charisma as they ripped it up with each song. They played classic after classic and reminded me of why I love this band. In between songs he would talk to the crowd about the Rock ‘N’ Roll life. This was definitely one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. I kept yelling for him to play my favorite, “Born With a Tail”. Finally the last song of the night was the one I wanted. Eddie eventually let every band member play his bass. The drummer kept the bass going while still playing his drums. These guys came to rock the house and that is what they accomplished in more ways than one. Words to the wise; if The Supersuckers ever come to your town, run, don’t walk to the show.