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SUSHIROBO – interview by mike bushman


Why “Sushirobo”?
Because the focus group responded favorably to the name. Because we wanted our CDs to be filed between Supertramp and Swell Maps at the music store. Because the name “Simon and Garfunkel” was already taken.

Why is your bassplayer one of the most creative indie-rock bassplayers on the planet?
Clay takes a mathematical approach to every bass line he writes: [(time spent playing) + (negative space)] divided by [total length of song] multiplied by Boltzman’s Constant should be equal to or less than 500k parts-per-million. This ratio between notes and spaces guarantees maximum funkiness. The numbers don’t lie. Check the math.

Why have I not seen or heard much of Sushirobo before?
Until very recently, Sushirobo could only be smelled and not seen or heard.

Why should I listen to Sushirobo now?
For me, listening to the soothing sounds of Sushirobo helps to drown out my dog’s voice telling me to go out and kill. I expect this would work for you as well.

Why does it hurt when I pee?
Hmm… maybe you’re doing it incorrectly.

Why did the dinosaurs all die?
Mostly from ennui or helicopter crashes. Some of them are still alive and playing reunion tours, though.

Why does that guy from the Disturbed think his dangly little chin piercings make him look cool?
But, they DO make him look cool! You’re just being contrary.

Why don’t more people tell him that they don’t?
What they really should tell him is that there’s nothing remotely scary about the name “the Disturbed”.

Why did Tommy Lee not tell Pamela that he had Hepatitis C?
Because he wanted to fuck her, of course.

Why did she go “Flush with the Rush”?
She seems like a shy girl.

Why is Sushirobo not all over the radio?
Because my childhood nemesis Danny Carlisle secretly controls all radio programming. He invented nostalgia formats like “Classic Rock” and “Hits of the 60s, 70s, and 80s” just to keep us down. It saddens me that his personal vendetta prevents an entire generation from ever hearing new music.

And what is Zuckerman’s Favorite Joke?
” Did you hear about that new restaurant on the moon? It’s got great food, but no atmosphere. ” (laughs) That slays me.

Find more on Sushirobo at You haven’t listened to Sushirobo yet. I know it. You are kidding yourself; you will not find a better indie-rock band. They made my Top5 of 2003. I can ’t testify any more than that.