This is The Treatment.

They are from Cambridge, England and do hard rock and roll better than most bands.

It is an interesting time for the accomplished group of rockers..

A brief history: Formed in 2008, they’ve played some of the biggest festivals, and toured as opening act for bands like, Alice Cooper, Kiss, and Motley Crue. And after two well performing albums, at the peak of their success, their singer Matt Jones exits.

So the band tapped vocalist and British, “The Voice” contestant Mitchel Emms. Along with new guitarist Tao Grey, the band has regrouped and is set to release music under a new The Treatment brand.

“Generation Me” is slated to drop in March of 2016.

New guitarist Grey comments: “We’re absolutely delighted to announce that the recording of our third full-length album ‘Generation Me’ is now complete. We honestly all believe this album is a huge step forward for The Treatment and we can’t wait for you to hear it. We will be touring throughout 2016/17 and we look forward to seeing all you Treatment troops at our shows next year.”

The opening rocker has been released as a video for, “Let it Begin”. It’s a bit of a time-warp, but in a good way…

Here is another advance track, dripping with that guitar stuff that made AC/DC so goddamn good, mixed with a little glam tint… “The Devil”

The band has posted a great clip showcasing the new singer with interviews and samples of the new music…

Worth a listen, The Treatment with their previous singer… good stuff that put them on the map.