Review: The Game

The Game
“The Documentary”
(Aftermath / Interscope)

Anything related to G-Unit automatically sells. 50 Cent can spend twenty minutes taking a dump, and as long as someone has a mic nearby, it’ll sell. The Game, a ‘prodigy’ of 50, has released his debut album, “The Documentary” which sounds mediocre at best, and, unsurprisingly, has already sold over 500,000 albums. Too bad The Game puts me to sleep. His voice and tempo are average. Lyrics, very average. Beats are hit and miss, with a few highlights like “Westside Story”, “Dreams”, “Higher” and easily the best track off the album, “Hate it Or Love It”. Aside from having (let’s face it) a stupid fucking name, The Game can’t seem to stand out among the typical mainstream gangsta rappers, even on his own album, reciting the same crap we’ve all heard before. I was nobody, now I’m somebody. I was poor, now I’m rich. It’s pretty evident that without the major help/support he gets from 50, Em, Dre and a slew of others, he’d be just another rapper on the street with some dirty headphones and a handful of CDR’s, trying to sling his latest spit. Don’t get me wrong; the first 16 minutes of “Documentary” are pretty decent, but the rest is some shit even 50 wouldn’t pinch.