Review: A Tribute to Carcass

Various Artists
““A Tribute to Carcass””
(Deathvomit Records)

Another totally useless, nigh embarrassing tribute album, this one to Carcass.  Every last damn band on this “why bother?” tribute to Carcass plays the songs as if the idea of a cover was to create a meticulous non-mechanical reproduction of the original.  It shows all bands gathered here on this limp dick, no balls of an album do have talent, but what a bloody waste of their talents.  Another gripe is that Carcass was fun.  They rocked!  They knew of the intrinsic humor involved in their acts of musical terrorism as they grumble along about eating corpses and various autopsy procedures.  The bands on this tribute manage to totally suck that spirit out of their retreads.  Only one band succeeds in keeping the spirit of what was Carcass intact, they are Impaled with their cover of Carneous (sic) Cacoffiny off of Carcass’ brilliant Descanting the Insalubrious.  You see, I liked Carcass.  Keep that present tense, I still like Carcass, but never once did I think, “Boy, I’d sure like it if somebody would put out a tribute album to these guys.”  I’d rather hear all the bands on this tribute covering U2 or Poison.  How about that?  They could do a tribute to Carcass in this fashion: every band imagines what it would have sounded like if Carcass had covered various songs by Talking Heads.  Then the album you’d have is A Tribute to Carcass’ Hypothetical Tribute to the Talking Heads.  Wouldn’’t that just rip your tits off?