Review: Tsunami Bomb

Tsunami Bomb
““The Invasion From Within””
(Tomato Head Records)

Folks, be prepared to get thrown under the bus.  My self-imposed disclaimer should be sufficient, but if not, “The Invasion From Within”’s dramatic cathedral organ intro will serve as warning enough.  Crusty, sassy chick vocalists replete of Belinda Carlyle charm – we’re talkin’’ her pre-GoGo punk years – gnash their teeth and spit in your face.  Powered by enough intensity to give any crash test dummy a serious concussion, this train-wreck will leave you cross-eyed at best.  Following traditional punk format and ringing vaguely of Boy Kicks Girl and AFI, these six combustible tracks bring a new enthusiasm to today’s played-out pop-punk revival.  And don’t be deterred by the charismatic Save Ferris feel of “No Good Very Bad Day”, as a matter of fact, be thankful for it.  After the vigorous workout the first half of the album puts you through, you’ll appreciate the breather.