Review: The Tunnel Rats

The Tunnel Rats

Tunner Vision”

Delicate diets need diversity; this album brings you an appetizer but forgets the main course. SevStatik still grappling with an ego on this release should intellectual eradicate that problem (cause the potential for the gift of gab is residing in that sometimes idle mind). Lyricism is pivotal when beats become monotonous, forcing emcees to often compensate yet TR falls kilometers beyond the desired destination; lyricists they can be but lyricists their not.

A good portion of UpRok albums lack range and diversity from a production perspective (though Deep Space 5, Playdough, Listener bring enlightening elements from the lab). Prying into the possible imperfections of this release I continually became bored. If it can’t hold my attention span what about the large portion of pharmaceutically sedated Americans who regularly require the industry to create digestible music…