Review: Wellwater Conspiracy

Wellwater Conspiracy
““The Scroll and its Combinations””
(TVT Records)

Hey looky, new Temple of the Dog! On heavy, heavy drugs – probably the same ones I was on over the Memorial Day weekend. It’s the third offering from this all-star line-up, this time with the help of Ben Sheppard and Kim Thayil and a guest appearance by Eddie Vedder. Ex-Soundgarden/Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron and Monster Magnet guitarist John McBain spin out classic 60’s and 70’s era psychedelic pop and guitar rock. Familiar faces aside, their sound bears little resemblance to any of their former projects, save for Pearl Jam’s retro leanings on Yield, especially apparent on Vedder’s contribution, “Felicity’s Surprise.”  While they deliver their trademark styles individually – especially Cameron and Thayil – The Scroll and Its Combinations has a life all it’s own. Tracks like “I Got Nightmares” by Q65, “Tick Tock 3 o’ Clock” and the “Scroll” are more in pure fun and creative self-indulgence than pushing any contemporary boundaries. I’m a  diehard fan of every artist involved in this project – especially the
Soundgarden alumni. They offer plenty in the way of ear candy. Still, this band might find itself overlooked if not for the lineup.  I’m undecided on this one – Party album or serious artwork?