Review: The Wesley Willis

The Wesley Willis
(Cornerstone R.A.S.)

If you don’t know about Wesley Willis, then hustle your uncool ass over to and download a few of the mp3’s he has on there free.  In Wesley Willis’ own words, “At least I am a rock and roll legend.  At least I know how to whoop a horses’ behind!”  Wesley Willis is best known for his solo work, composing such songs as Eazy E. and Rock and Roll McDonalds.  He is also a schizophrenic who has been in the Chicago music scene for over a decade.  He is more of a music fan than an actual musician.  The Wesley Willis Fiasco is, as you might guess, Wesley Willis’ band.  The group is now defunct, and the Live E.P. (over 40 min.) stands as a testament to what true underachieving, hopelessly deranged rock and roll can do.  Listen in awe as Wesley croons out such lines as, “I’m going to kill you” over and over again as his back up band punks up and metalizes old Hendrix, Rush and AC/DC riffs unabashedly.  Rock over London!  Rock on Chicago!  Folgers, it’s good to the last drop.  Can Liposuctions kill ya?  Would ya ever want me to get a liposuction?  Are ya all ready to rock the Casbah?  Jesus is the answer!  Let Jesus be your savior.  Scream, Dracula, Scream!  Spray that Mutha fuckas ass with the Black Flag!  McDonald’s will make you fat.  It’s where people go to rock. Wheaties, Breakfast of Champions. Whip it up Mother fucka!