Review: With Honor

With Honor
This Is Our Revenge

One of the few bands on the scene today that plays melodic hardcore the way it is supposed to be played. Already an established name coming out of Connecticut since 2002, this fivesome created an old school sounding band with positive lyrics, unlike many of their peers from the same scene. Incorporating Gorilla Biscuits-esque melodies with large anthemic themes, “This Is Our Revenge” is 11 songs of a fast-paced, updated version of where melodic hardcore left off. Frontman Todd Mackey does a stellar job with his delivery, where his style ranges from his raspy style to leading with the singalongs with his vicious barks. Musicially, the band sticks to a fast yet melodic punk/hardcore style, which crosses over well to fans of modern day pop-punk and emo kids. With Honor is one of the few bands that play real hardcore for real fans of this style of music. In an age where fashion and hype dominate the scene, With Honor make things happen with their music.