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We’re all dorks of some nature. Some of us are into cars, other’s love arts and crafts. And some love computers. Not the way a man loves a woman, but frightenly close. As in anything, there’s always a degree of extremes. A computer dork on the low end of that scale has a beige box with some hardware and wires in it, and that get’s him by. On the high end of the scale are the computer modifcation guys. In the computer world, you can mod just about everything. Most, like replacing the top of your hard drive with clear plexiglass, don’t really serve a purpose other then looks. Other’s, like diagnostic and watercooling, serve some type of usefulness to the geeks that desire them.

This month, we take a look at two samples from Xoxide Modifications (, a computer case and a computer tachometer.

This case, called Midnight Wind, comes with pretty much everything cut and installed. Three case fans, two windows, front USB/audio connections, and enough bays to satisfy the average computer guy. Also included is your choice of red, green or blue case lighting (I like blue), so you can watch, um, your computer.

The case was a breeze. Took me about 20 minutes to swap everything from my old case to the new one.

Overall, it’s a very cool case for the price, $112.