Review: The Zero Boys

The Zero Boys
““Vicious Circle””
(Panic Button)

Ok punker purists that think everything nowadays is crap, here’s something released straight from 1982 that comes in the form of a Zero Boys reissue.  Heard of ‘em?  Me neither, maybe because they were from Indianapolis.  But it’s fast, tight and hits with that same feel that made me side with likes of the Ramones and the Circle Jerks.  Lyrics are delivered audibly clear as the songs zip by and average about 1:40.  “Livin’ In The 80’s” is flashback punk anthem.  The charm here is the slight Midwest sounds seeping in with a good mix between East Coast speed, and West Coast hooks.  “Amphetamine Addiction” is paced so the title rings much more true.  “Hightime” also struggles with being too high to get by.  Drugs and punks, punks and drugs.  About 20 years before it was commercially viable to be a punk band.  Especially from the Midwest.  So relish this for what it is, punk from a time when it wasn’t so deluded and done, from an area so isolated, it’s an accomplishment just to have made a mark.  With two previously unreleased tracks, good buy for the punker that must have it all.