Mercedez Benz self-driving car

The future is silver. Shiny shiny silver.

The future is silver. Shiny shiny silver.

Are you ready for driver-less vehicles?

I am. Because you are most likely a terribly driver.

Anyone who drives faster than me is an idiot and anyone who drives slower than me is a moron.

But between alcohol and human error… we have a nation of roadways filled with killing machines, extracting their revenge on the human race with a daily death toll.

While this is just one more step towards a total Skynet like dominance of machine over humankind, there are just certain aspects of our travel anywhere anytime lifestyles that machines can do better than man. WAY better than man.

Aside from looking slick and futuristic with all sorts of smartphone integrated lasers and lights, there are numerous safety issues an on-board system will be able to monitor about the environment and implement corrective measures to avoid passenger injury.

While the surrendering of vehicle control seems so… un-American… the safety consideration should convince most to, ‘get on board’. At the very least, the car could become the designated driver.

Check the videos for the tech demonstration. The last video has a working model driving around San Francisco.

Life in the future is very very clean, with a lot less traffic. And looks like the Sims.

This is the future. I predict actually driving will become a hobby. Except for driving for pleasure… 99 percent of driving for 99 percent of the people involves getting from A to B. Why deal with car costs, maintenance, insurance, and risk… when a vehicle could show up and just take you where you want to go?

Yeah… I know those exist right now and they are called ‘Taxis’.

But the cost can be high, availability limited, and long distance/extended time trips are not feasible. Not to mention privacy. Most humans don’t want to have to interact with other humans if they can avoid it. So having a private, safe ride that costs you less per year than a car… I am certain there are many who would take that ride.