Coagulate with Snapcase

This is Snapcase.

Origin: Buffalo, NY
Active Since: 1991
Official Status: Disbanded. Plays a reunion show every few years.
Last Release: “Bright Flashes” (Victory Records – 2003)
Smart Asses: Numerous members of the band have become successful in teaching and technology

Mood: Overthrowing the system through focused aggression

Get past the singular, shouted, punch-you-repeatedly-in-the-face vocal stylings of Daryl Taberski. You don’t have to ‘like’ his singing… just… accept it. Like some bad news you’re better off for hearing. I am sure his approach to ‘singing’ is an immediate button pusher, and your girlfriend probably won’t like it, but if you sit back and listen… to the whole monster… it works. It pushes through the aggro-stop/start style Snapcase likes to cut your ears with. Jagged and piercing, wrapped around undeniable musical hooks and a MASTERFUL control of the hard-core breakdown.

Snapcase make raw and edgy almost danceable. Certainly mosh-able.




“Who shot the shot to make the blood clot!”

No tickets to this show, baby
Just one to a room
Are you up for a blood transfusion?
Commit and go
Who shot the shot to break the blood clot
You can die, maybe and test your resolve
Slaves are saved through converted vessels
Of the most sacred blood
John the Baptist’s head was taken
For his faith was strong
Can you defend the didactic army
Without breaking down?
Can you transfuse?