This was Paw.

They were a band from Lawrence, Kansas in the early-mid 1990’s.

They put out a couple of albums, but were probably best known for 1993’s “Dragline” (A&M Records).

They had a minor hit with, “Jesse”. A prototype grunge song about a dog. Sludgy guitars and angsty vocals that all wrap up into a dreamy chorus that really highlights singer Mark Hennesy.

The band should have been bigger. Anyone who remembers this song totally digs it, but it seems to have slipped past a lot of people.

Every once in awhile, “Jesse” rumbles back through my consciousness. I’m not even a ‘dog’ person, per se.

But Jesse… you’re a good dog.

*bonus points if you watched the whole video and recognized the intro to Quicksand’s “Dine Alone” that sort of got clipped onto the ending there.