That is a screenshot from the original DOOM video game that came out in 1993.

Here is a screenshot from the upcoming DOOM reboot set to be released in May, 2016.


Now THAT is a reboot.

DOOM was one of the pioneers of the FPS (First Person Shooter) genre, pefecting the idea that, “blowing shit up with a gun is really fun”.

Grinding through an arsenal of weapons to mow down ever-increasing hordes of demonic monsters was a winning formula as the game spawned numerous sequels and spinoffs, and one movie with The Rock.

I didn't see this either... and I like videogames,,, which is probably why I didn't see this.

I didn’t see this either… and I like videogames… which is probably why I didn’t see this.

It was also one of the first games to truly utilize accelerating internet speeds to allow multiple players to exist in the same online arena, because the only thing more fun than blowing things up, is blowing other people up. Doom laid the groundwork for games like, Counter-Strike, Unreal Tournment, and Call of Duty.

DOOM III was the last full proper release of the franchise in 2004 and proved to be a successful evolution of the game, bringing in more darker, brutal, and gruesome effects as the programmers took full advantage of better gaming systems and higher end PCs.

id Software is the company that has developed the DOOM games since their inception. However, hard-core gamers will definitely take notice of who is publishing this game… namely Bethesda Softworks (the company responsible for the massively successful Elder Scrolls and Fallout games).

The two companies have seemingly produced a visceral, incredibly gory, fun-splattered blast’em-up that looks like it holds true to the mindless mayhem of destruction the old games specialized in, while wrapping it up with as much new-school eye candy as they could stuff into the game.

DOOM is scheduled for release on PC, XboxOne, and PS4 on May 13, 2016.

For a trip down memory lane, or to see the progression of technology… here are some DOOM gameplay videos.

DOOM 1 (1993)

DOOM 2 (1994)

DOOM 2 Multiplayer

DOOM 3 (2004)