This is what playing Grand Theft Auto in virtual reality might look like very soon.

Much hype surrounds the emerging new tech as many line up to embrace these hyper-real, yet ‘controllable’ new realms. However, until the experience is tested and embraced by the masses, just how exactly we will interact with these new real, yet not-real worlds of our creation remains within a lot of speculation and some limited game testing (with mixed reviews).

Assuredly, the technology will evolve to the point that reality becomes indistinguishable from the virtual reality.

Some propose… this has already happened and we are living in it. And unlike religion, actually has some proof to back its claim.

So while virtual reality gets tuned up for us… the question is… are we ready for virtual reality?

Popular YouTube channel Corridor Digital approached this philosophical quandary by going to the character most prepared to walk a human through the tutorial stages of virtual destruction… Trevor Philips from Grand Theft Auto V.

‘Responsible’ is my middle name…

The brilliant part, they actually got voice actor Steven Ogg (who was the voice and likeness of Trevor Philips in the game) to star in this clever short about walking a new player through the beginning of their first VR game. Featuring loads of in game jokes, (catch the ‘modder’ reference when Iron Man shows up) and some Hollywood level studio effects, “GTA VR” should give even the most fervent gamer a reason to hit ‘pause’.

And stick around until the very end… which turns a predictable, yet smart ending… into a closing shot that is both genius, and perhaps a bit ‘too’ real.

“It’s gonna be fun amigo… we haven’t even gotten the tip in… I’m thinking ‘balls deep’, Sanchez…” – Trevor P.