That is a screen-shot from a first-person-shooter-chat-roulette hybrid.

The scenario is brought to life by some INCREDIBLY creative people behind the YouTube channel of RealmPictures.

To get you up to speeed:

First Person Shooter: A genre of video game typically represented in the ‘first person’ view, so you, as the player, are meant to view and interact with the world as if seen through your eyes. And then shoot everything that moves.

Chat Roulette: A video chat service that randomly pairs two parties with a 98% chance that one of those parties is going to be a penis.

So imagine the surprise of a select few lucky chat roulette users, who instead of finding genitalia, found themselves in the middle of a zombie-infested space odyssey.

Throughout the adventure, the users are able to communicate with the person whose view they are experiencing, offering directions and suggestions to solve any immediate challenges and get out alive.

RealmPictures was able to secure a brilliant location that adds a great deal of authenticity to the experiment. You can hear the surprise and awe in the ‘players’ voices as new levels and areas are revealed. Some serious pre-production time went into creating this experience.

See if you are nerdy enough to catch the code they used to get through the door… ‘THX 1138’… yeah… Google it.

This same team made a similarly clever adaptation of the ‘Hitman’ video game. That character specializes in stealth and assassin kills, so it’s interesting to see how they have adjusted the ‘game-play’ mechanics for each scenario.

Again, the depth of writing and amazing location they secured to film certainly legitimizes the experience.