Robot Chicken uses hacked Nintendo Powerglove


The blue glow came from the death of children’s innocence

The Power Glove was a dismal attempt by Nintendo to bring 1989 gaming into the future.

It failed. Miserably. It makes every list of ‘Most worthless video game accessory ever created’.

Looked cool. Worked like crap.

If it weren’t for the excellent product placement in the Fred Savage vehicle, “The Wizard”, sales would have been even more laughable. But who wouldn’t want to be as cool as this kid…

But the Power Glove lives on!

Dillon Markey is an animator for “Robot Chicken”, a show featuring pop culture spoofs and parodies enacted through stop motion animation with various action figures.

His particular style of animation necessitated a more ‘hands on’ control system to interact with his camera recording equipment.

His answer was to hack an old Nintendo Power Glove. The result is quite practical… except perhaps when the glove proclaims, “fucking awesome” when fist-bumped. That’s not practical, but it is ‘so bad’.