Developer: House House
Publisher: Panic

This game made most every 2019 list of best games of the year.

It’s beautifully simple while still providing a bit of puzzle solving challenge.

It would be hard to speculate what the target demographic for a game like this has. It doesn’t fit into any convenient genre of game. At it’s heart, it is a scavenger hunt stealth game with elements of puzzle solving.

As for what you actually do in the game… you are a goose with a penchant for stealing things. The general theme is Goose verses the Humans. Nobody gets hurt. Worst case scenario… the Goose successfully annoys somebody with a clever manipulation of the environment.

Feel my goosey wrath!

It is the essence of what is considered an ‘indie’ game. So it’s artistic, creative, and something ‘different’. A project completed by a small team that has a wide appeal. The world is a better place because Untitled Goose Game exists within it.

I realize the pitch might not sound real convincing but the game is weirdly pleasant. This will be a must play for kids. But adults should find an interesting situation with Untitled Goose Game.

Final Review: Good for a quick afternoon session. It will make you smile. And that is worth, like, a lot of money.